Easy Loans with Merchant Cash Advances

By: Ryan Attelle

Why does any one start a business? Well it's usually to turn a profit. That being said, expansion and growth is always insight but progress is made difficult because of the increasing cost of everyday expenses. This is were many find them self's stuck between a rock and a hard place because a business that is looking for a loan needs to be able to show long term profitability.
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For many small business long term profitability is possible but according to there books there profit can not be were it needs to be unless a decent expansion upward has taken place. The only clear option to do so is by securing a business loan. But without proof of long term profitability, how does a business get one?

This is where a merchant cash advance can come into play. A merchant cash advance is an advance given to a business based on there credit card receipts. It doesn't always make scene to use a merchant cash advance to expand but for may it does.

Lets look at a man named Frank. Frank started an advertising business with the hopes that someday he would dominate his competition scaling his business to great heights. As many would have guessed his ambitions where some what naive, especially when the issue of cash flow presented it self.

To start Frank avoided business loans by using money from his personal savings, some donations from friends and family, and a personal bank loan or two, to get the wheels moving forward. The funds he had acquired helped get the business going, and he used a credit card to sustain the business for a period of time.

It wasn’t long until things started getting difficult. The solution was a merchant cash advance. This was the very thing that would help Frank move his business forward. What had happened to Frank happens to many, his sales were slower than expected and soon his credit card was maxed out. He soon found him self in a position of needing alternative businesses funds if he wanted to keep going. Frank first applied for a business loan only having his application be rejected.

Franks next options was to apply for a merchant cash advance. He had gotten wind that those eligible could receive up to $500,000 in direct business funding. Of course there were some standards that had to be met in order to qualify for the merchant cash advance. Some of these included length of time in business, credit card receipts, and building lease agreements.

The bottom line was he had a proven track record of his credit card processing volume, thus greatly increasing his chances for approval. After completing about a 2 page application Frank was in fact approved with in 24 hours. Not only that one week later the funds were in his business account ready for use. On top of that there seemed to be no restriction as to what the funds were to be used for. Some businesses need to catch up on some payments or increase there inventory, what ever they need the money can be used for it.

The bottom line for Frank is that he was able to expand his business with his existing sales. This was made possible by the funds provided by a merchant cash advance. Its not for everyone but for many like Frank a merchant cash advance is exactly what his business needed to get over the hill and moving towards more profitability.

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