Get Great SEO Results With Smart Copy

By: Ryan Attelle

There are many tips and trick you can learn to increase page ranking. Some of them work, some of them don't. The key to getting a great SEO ranking may be simpler that most think. A lot of experts, including those who work at Google, suggest a huge part of your ranking comes from your content and copy.
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A big part of good copy is being natural. That being said when including important key words into the content you want to make sure to do so naturally. This would include terms or phrases people normally use in everyday communication. Lets take t-shirts for example. People usually say “t-shirt” and not “short sleeved cotton shirt” so you want your content to reflect the same thing. There are free tools that can aid you in finding terms that are most searched for like Google “Adwords” keywords tool.

Another important aspect to consider when generating your copy is a way for you users to interact with your company. You want to make it possible for them to ask questions and or give feed back. This will generate natural content from outside sources.

All of your pages should have a unique topic, being a topic that differs from any other topic with in your website. The same goes for the title. A unique title is important because this is what is first displayed in search results. Another thing you want is a unique mate description. In some cases this meta description is displayed in the snippet. The snippet is a short summery of the overall page.

Then there are the links with in the content of a page which are very important. You want each and every anchor text to be as descriptive as possible. It doesn't matter if the link is an internal or external link, it should always be descriptive. For example lets look at t-shirts again. The link “for more info on our t-shirts click here” the phrase click here is not that descriptive. A better way to phrase it is “to learn more about our t-shirts read t-shirt info

It is important to find a good balance with your site. Often times people get too caught up in the fanciness of there site, not knowing the importance of having plenty of index-able and search-able text. What is the use of having the worlds nicest looking website if no one can find it. If anything else remember you cant go wrong with plenty of natural and organic copy .

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