Good Strategy in Site Design will Improve Your SEO

By: Ryan Attelle

There are a lot of ingredients that go into effective SEO. Many people assume it is all about keywords and back links. Yes these are very important factors but so is your website design. Your website should be designed in a manner that is easy to navigate for both the users and the search engines.
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The first thing you want to do is consider who your customers are. There are various different ways to look at this. What ever conclusions you draw make sure your website caters to there needs. Are your customers parent or are they kids, maybe somewhere in between. How will this effect its appearance and navigation. Who are the people who use your sites? Are the developers, as in people who really know what there talking about, or are they your average everyday users who needs to figure out what to do for the first time. Is your website geared towards enthusiasts who are hip to specific language and jargon or is it a website that welcomes everyone with no specific experience? Lastly are the customers first-time visitors or are they loyal customers who are returning time and time again. The answers to these questions should play a big roll in shaping your web sites design and structure. Often times the idea that investors will be visiting your site is over looked. A lot of aspiring businesses need investors to grow. You can be sure potential investors are going to be researching your business and exploring your site. You want to leave them with a sense of confidence that you know what you are doing. And lastly it is important to anticipate the press. The press is key when starting out, and they will be writing articles which provide free publicity. How they experience your site can effect what they write about your business. An in most cases a lot of that publicity links back to your site, so you want to strive to make sure that the publicity you get is good publicity ; all of it.

So what is the best way to develop a good site strategy which is both search engine and user friendly, well by asking questions. When you are close to completion or you have completed your site you want to take a step back and look at it objectively and ask whether or not it meets the needs of each person which you determined earlier. Are these people having an awesome experience when they visit ? Another important scenario to anticipate is where the user will land when they come to your page. A user doesn't always enter your website from the home page, sometimes they land on one of your inner pages, also known as a child page. When this happens you want to make sure they can get oriented easily and immediately. Consider how hard it is to figure out how to get back to the home page. Beyond the home page you want to make sure they can easily find everything else you have to offer as well. Finally it is important to see whether or not your site has focus. In this I mean does the page have one singular topic, and does the user easily understand what that topic is. A lot of times what ends up happening is that when people start building a site there in a bit of a rush, and when they ad new content the simply append it to the existing page. This is not the best strategy. Instead what you want to do is add new pages each with there own focus but all related to the surrounding pages in some way.

dental insurance quote Lastly lets discuss conversion. This is important, because it is usually the whole reason behind your site existing at all. You must clearly define what your conversion is going to be. For example you may want the visitors to sign up for a news letter, make a purchase or simply share your content. What ever it is you want them to do, you should make it as easy as possible for them to do it. On sure fire way of doing so is by making it possible for the person to take said action on every page you create. The ability to take actions should always be easily accessible. You don’t want to make you user click around anymore than absolutely necessary. This is what they call in the industry “a call to action”.

For effective SEO you need a really good web design. SEO is not all about keywords and back links. Although they are extremely important to ones SEO success website design is also as important. A website should be easy to navigate for both the users and the search engines giving you the very best results.

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