How PEO Relieves Many Challenges of Today's Business Owners

By: Ryan Attelle

Many business owners are finding the search for a commercial mortgage that is properly suited for there company to be difficult and frustrating. Most business owners have probably tried getting commercial mortgages from one of the many “main street lenders”. Some of these lenders have an appetite for lending, others do not, the trick for business owners is to sort out leaders who will meet their needs, and those who will not.
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There are a lot of challenges facing businesses owners these days, that's no secret, we see it all around us. We have found that what seems to be the greatest challenge of all is pure survival. This is often hindered by a business owners lack of attention to growth because they are to distracted attending to menial business administration tasks. That's why countless business owners are turning to Professional Employee Organizations for help so they may better focus on what is important to them.

Lets take a look at some statistics from a book called “The E-Myth”. In it the author Michael Gerber states that there are over a million businesses just starting out in America each year. Of those new businesses 40% of them don't make it past the first year. Give this statistic another year and it increases by another 40%. Of those businesses that still remain according to Gerbers statistics another 80% of those will fail with in the following 5 years. In total only 18% of all businesses started each year will reach a position of saleability. These numbers look bleak, but there is hope, lots of it, it's just a matter of finding it.

The greatest difficulty to overcome is this, businesses owners often spend far too much time working in there business, distracted by busy work, rather than on there business, focusing on growth. The distractions seems to be mostly in the form of non productive business administration tasks. This is constantly taking away from the important focus of making the business grow, and be successful.

It all sounds very negative, but fortunately there does seem to be fairly easy and cheap solution to what may seem to be an impossible problem. For the solution we look to a PEO or Professional Employee Organization. Some of the things a PEO can help businesses with is learning how to take an integrated approach to administrative outsourcing. In doing so they will also see how they can increase there revenue without additional cost to there administrative tasks. Not only that, business owners often see a greater return on there investment from the people they already employ. And a PEO can help stabilize overall cash flow, allowing for the ease of predictability in operating cost.

Its tough out there and businesses need to take every opportunity they get. PEO is one such great opportunity allowing for a business to grow the way they intended.

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