How t1 connections are benefiting business in 2013

By: Ryan Attelle

Before we can tell you how a t1 can benefit your business we first need to make sure you understand exactly what a t1 connection is. A t1 connection makes it possible to connect offices to each other or to the world wide web by utilizing a very fast network connection called t1. This connection can help boost the accuracy of communication and overall productivity.
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The speed that makes a t1 connection so popular is accomplished though the use of a number of telephone lines. Prior to the existence of t1 the internet and other digital date exchange systems utilized standard phone lines. These lines used a four wire cross connect. Anything you add to this would require an additional four wires. Add computer, a phone, and a fax machine and your already up to 12 wires. This all can add up very quickly, and all of a sudden your trying to pass too much information though too little space. Now if you have business with multiple offices it's easy to see how this can get out of hand. T1 can converge up to 24 channels into on cable. These telephone lines can be split up and used for various purposes. Lets say for example, your business needs a 24 port t1 connection. Half of your lines can be devoted to the telephone while the other half is used for the businesses internet. The more lines you devote to the internet the faster that connection will be.

Most growing businesses, in fact almost all growing businesses utilize the internet, and as they grow so does there need for bandwidth. Bandwidth is the rate of data transfer, measured in bits per second. This determines how much stuff can fit into the wires sending the signals. A popular and proven solution for this problem is through the use of t1 lines. The reasons why t1 has become so popular is that they provide very consistent speeds, unlike the inconstancy of a regular phone line were one person with a large download can muck up the whole system. Also t1 connections guarantee very little down time, meaning you and your business will almost never be offline.

There is also the option of a t3 line. But this can be very expensive and for most businesses this kind of speed is a bit overkill. For most businesses a t1 connection is more than enough speed. T3 connections are best suited for large educational institutions and massive call centers for example. Another thing to consider when look at the difference between t1 and t3 lines, it's much more cost efficient to add additional t1 lines than it is to ad t3 lines.

There are also fiber optics and DSL lines to consider for data connections. The down side fiber optics is that in the long run, it is usually less cost effective. Often times company’s find that fiber optics is not even available in there aria. A major complaint with dsl is that although the download speed is relatively fast, the upload speed can be really slow, and adding phone lines to this can clog up the system. Also DSL has a reputation for experiencing occasional downtime, while t1 connections are up and running 99.9% of the time.

There are a number of other benefits to choosing a t1 service. You can connect hundreds of employees to one another and your customers all at the same time. Utilizing a t1 for phone calls can save you tones of money. In fact some companies have been able to get bulk rates for as low as $.01 per minute. And when you combine your internet and phone services into one it's possible to save more on monthly communication expenses. Another benefit those who have t1 connections enjoy is an added sense of security. Since its possible to connect two or more offices together directly, it is also possible for a very safe and secure transfer of sensitive and secret information. And now t1 connections are more affordable than ever.

The speed that T2 connection offer foster an environment that encourages more productivity though the constant connection to the internet other offices, and critical information. Not only that the speeds in which important information can be processed and transferred helps when dealing with times sensitive and urgent information.

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