Is a Franchise Opportunity Right for You

By: Ryan Attelle

I lot of people looking to start there own business wonder if they should consider a franchise opportunity. Now the internet has made it easier than ever to find these opportunities. We want to go over some of the pros and cons to see if a franchise opportunity is right for you.
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A lot of people dream of opening there own small business. There are two routes to take really. Lets say you want to start a sandwich shop for example. You might ask what is the difference between owning my own independent sandwich shop over owning a “Subway” brand franchise. Why would someone want a franchise, where you have to pay a franchise fee to the “Subway” corporation?

In this example “Subway” is a household name, an established brand. When your buying a franchise there are two major components to look at. First is the brand of the product or service. Second is the system in which they have laid out for smooth operations and maximum profits. In some cases the brand will be more powerful. If the brand is not a household name, then the system has to be very strong.

Potential franchise owners need to understand the brands implication based on there initial investment. This has to be looked at in direct correlation to it's ability to accelerate the speed in which an investor can start making money. So an established brand already has a strong presence in a local market. The advantage is an investor doesn't need to spend all there money on developing marketing and establishing a brand. This process alone can make or break a new business venture.

So really what your getting your self into is a situation where other professionals have already worked out all of the details as far as what works and what doesn’t. The advertising is done, they can sell you the specific equipment and everything else. All of a sudden you don't have to worry about most of the things a brand new company has to worry about. This frees you up to focus on other issues like staffing and funding.

The idea here is you have found a system, a system that has proven it self to work. There are some small problems like employee retention, which can be a little difficult but that goes for any business. The system set in place should have you up and running smoothly in no time . And you always have other franchise owners and resources for invaluable experience and information.

Business franchise solutions are designed for people who want to be there own boss and take on there own personal business venture. There are a huge number of business franchise opportunities available today. There are tools that will let you identify what your investment level is and who can work with it. You can also find the different types of industries and businesses you might be interested in.

A franchise can usually range from $80,000 - $300,000 to start. Most of the time this includes 6 months of start up capitol. The risk is there is no guarantee of success. Some fail, maybe due to a sluggish local economy or a poor location. The fact of the matter is that a franchise is far more likely to succeed than an independently owned start up. Success if often directly correlated to an individuals ability to follow the proven structure and system laid out before them.

Ultimately a franchiser, the owner of the franchise, is there to help you find your way, and they are invested in your success. If your looking to start you own business, following the proven system of a well established franchise may be your best bet. You get everything you need right up front. All you have to do is follow the system. With this most find success and the independence they have been looking for.

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