Simple Funding for Inventory and Receivables

By: Ryan Attelle

Not all businesses are aware of the fact that they are probably eligible for receivable and inventory financing from a large number of companies that specialize in receivable and inventory financing.
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These companies finance receivables through factoring, and consequently can qualify most businesses even those that are experiencing rapid growth, start-ups, firms that have suffered losses and established businesses looking for a simple way to increase liquidity. With most factoring programs businesses can receive an immediate wire advance for up to 90% of the balance of there receivables.

There are companies also offering inventory financing programs called purchase order funding. Under the program these companies will lend businesses funds to buy either the goods its resells or the components it needs to make its products. This program requires that business seeking the funds has a purchase order in place. The receivable and inventory financing company then provides funding so that the business needing the money can buy inventory to fulfill its purchase orders whether the inventory is considered finished goods or just components.

Both factoring and purchase order funding programs are great ways to rapidly increase a businesses liquidity so they can do more business using less of the businesses funds.
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