Today's Advanced Employee Leasing Organizations

By: Ryan Attelle

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There is a misconception that employee leasing organizations only deal with HR and or payroll. There is a lot more involved in basic administrative tasks. Most small to medium sized businesses have to discovered this for themselves when they realize they do not have the luxury of departments to handle all the tasks involved in running a business. When they discover all that is actually involved, most turn to employee leasing.

The employee leasing organizations of today have become more advanced and sophisticated in there process. Because of this they can offer a wider variety of employee leasing services to there clients. No only are there more services available but they are far more in depth, comprehensive and productive than ever before. The ability to do so is largely based on a co-employee relationship that has been developed. The co-employee relationship is simply a relationship in which the employee leasing company serves as the Administrative employer and the client serves as the work-site employer. It is these clearly defined employer roles that define the co-employee relationship. By utilizing this type of relationship these employee leasing companies are well equipped to more effectively serve the business needing there services. In doing so they are able to provide more affordable benefits, attract and retain the most talented employees, and have access to enhanced technology that where otherwise unavailable from employee leasing companies in the past.

Lets look at a list of the new and improved services most modern day employee leasing company offer.
• A wide range of health and other insurance benefits
• Amplified payroll services (this includes web-based employee self service)
• Total risk management support and training
• Management of unemployment claims
• Training and development of employees
• Discount programs for employees

It is easy to see why employee leasing is becoming such a popular choice for those who own small to medium sized businesses. Especially for those most interested in focusing on the business itself rather than all the necessary administrative tasks involved. As always it is important for businesses to do research before jumping into an employee leasing relationship to ensure that they are working with the organization that is right for there businesses.

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