Who's Using T1 Internet Connections in 2013

By: Ryan Attelle

Every year we see technology advance exponentially so it's difficult to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to advancements in internet technology. In this ever evolving world T1 lines still remains the king of internet speed. T1's high-speed telephone lines are most often used to provide broadband internet access. Technically, a T1 connection is a fiber-optic line that is separate from the regular phone line but a T1 line is used for both broadband Internet access and phone purposes. In 2013 businesses large and small are still overwhelmingly turning to t1 connections for the fastest speeds and overall increased productivity.
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T1 connections are most often utilized by businesses because they provide extremely fast data transfer rates. A lot of businesses like this especially those that need to transfer tons of data each day. Additionally, T1 lines are considered very reliable forms of Internet access, utilizing what is called an “always on” capability resulting in little to no lost of Internet connection. T1 lines run at a rate of at 1.5 Mbps. These high speeds are perfect for normally overwhelming Internet traffic scenarios along with networks that require a large number of people logging on sanctimoniously. A T1 line operating at full capacity can accommodate up to 24 users working at 64 Kbps which is ideal for many businesses. And as we move forward t1 is projected to continue to being the best and fastest internet solution in 2013.

Businesses that require an even faster broadband Internet connections in 2013 might want to turn to T3 lines as they are among the fastest connections available today, in fact they are 30 times faster than the already lightning fast t1 lines. T3 lines offer plenty bandwidth to those web sites that bring in multiple users at once along with the earlier mentioned “always on” access. This always on access is ideal for organizations, schools and other situations that host high-volume web sites. Remember that t3 connection is reserved for those internet giants and is really overkill for most businesses.
T1 broadband Internet connections are being used all over the place and are available in almost every region, and in 2013 that availability will only expend. T1 connections are currently among the most favored way for companies that want the whole world to connect to their LAN to do so.

Most everyday Internet users just don't need all of the speed T1 connections provide. A T1 connection allows businesses with multiple users to talk on the phone and use the Internet at the same time using the same phone line. Also, many users can download files at still very fast speeds. In addition to lightning quick Internet speeds, large bandwidth and great reliability, T1 connections provide heightened security.

In terms of cost, T1 can be a little more expensive than traditional services. Businesses will have to be willing to pay more for these connections. Many businesses currently using T1 connections would say that what you’re getting in return is an extremely high-quality, state-of-the-art communications service. In all likely hood a business that adopts a T1 connection in 2013 will see an increase in overall productivity because there Internet access will be extremely fast and easy to use.

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